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Atom is a resource library which support the development of 21st century skills like problem solving, communication, and collaboration. Educators using Atom can browse one of our core categories or search by keyword. Atom includes a wide range of resources from full lesson plans and projects to journal prompts, teaching techniques, and white papers. These assets can be applied to any course and adapted by teachers to fit their specific situation. Many resources also include adaptations, suggested references and attachments.
The six categories on Atom (Creativity & Innovation, Storytelling & ChangeMaking, Design Edge, Character & Collaboration, Entrepreneurs and Startups, and Sustainability) are the capacities which EdgeMakers believes are needed for innovative thinking. These 21st century skills can be applied to any subject area and are essential when navigating today’s rapidly changing workforce. EdgeMakers has developed full courses on each of these categories. Atom allows you to use the smaller aspects of these themes which might be applicable in any setting.
Innovative thinking is the thought process by which people innovate to inspire, educate and activate change in themselves or the world around them. Innovative thinking can be applied to any problem, subject or career. Atom provides the resources to teach students to become innovative thinkers.
If you are interested in teaching an entire class on innovative thinking or one of the related disciplines, EdgeMakers has full length courses for Middle School, High School, and Higher Education. To learn more and contact an EdgeMakers representative see the EdgeMakers website:
All of the resources on Atom are designed to be implemented in any subject area or course. Tips for adapting to specific subject areas or age groups can be found in the Adaptations section of a product.
All of the resources on Atom are designed to be implemented in middle school and high school. Tips for adapting to specific subject areas or age groups can be found in the Adaptations section of a product.
Atom resources are included as a part of the overall EdgeMakers course content. However, if your school has not adopted an EdgeMakers course each item can be purchased individually. Prices range from $1.50 per activity to $5.00 for a full lesson and $20.00 for a Project-based Challenge that contains 4 lessons.
Atom is designed to fit any existing curriculum. It is not tied to specific disciplines or subject areas. An English teacher might utilize an activity that promotes visual storytelling. A History teacher may want to help her students create more compelling presentations. A STEM teacher might want to use ideation techniques to garner more solutions to a problem. Atom is organized by categories, not subjects, and is appropriate for any teacher who wants to incorporate activities and lessons that strengthen the 21st century skills of creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.
At this time Atom does not integrate with LMSs. Atom is an educator-centered resource library which provides teachers the detailed lesson plans they need to bring innovation into their classroom. Some activities and lesson plans include supplemental student resources which can be downloaded and used off-line.
Yes, all of the content on Atom is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. We are currently developing a feature which will enable you to search by standard. Stay tuned!
EdgeMakers has the mission of empowering young people everywhere to become innovators and make a difference. We have developed a suite of educational products which teach innovative thinking. We are a team (and global community) of learning and interaction designers, innovation domain experts, and professional development specialists. We launched EdgeMakers because of our concern about the “missing ingredients” in formal education such as creativity and collaboration skills, digital fluency and entrepreneurship. In our view, these are required for professional and personal success. Our goal is to prepare students for a rapidly changing workforce where they need to be able to analyze and solve complex problems, collaborate with diverse groups and communicate their purpose clearly.

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