Atom makes bringing innovation into your classrom easy.

EdgeMakers’ Atom is a resource library for middle and secondary school teachers that provides access to hundreds of resources that promote collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. Built off of the EdgeMakers curriculum that teaches the how-to of innovative thinking, design, creativity and entrepreneurship, EdgeMakers Atom makes bringing innovation into your classroom easy.

Standards Aligned: The resources on Atom aligned with the Common Core State and California Career Technical Education standards.

AdaptableAtom resources can be adapted to the content you are currently teaching; regardless of subject area, age, or course.

Innovative: Built upon the EdgeMakers core program that teaches students the how-to of innovative thinking and entrepreneurship.

Easy to Use: Whether you’re looking for a short activity or project-based learning, Atom is curated to create a one-stop shop for ease of use.

Empower your students to think creatively, look at problems differently, and communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Incorporate Atom into your classes.

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