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Bring 21st century skills into your curriculum.
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EdgeMakers Atom is made up of the building blocks of the EdgeMakers curriculum.

EdgeMakers created the only practice-based and purpose-driven curriculum that teaches the "how-to" of innovative thinking and entrepreneurship.

Practice based
Purpose driven

Want to learn more about teaching innovative thinking and entrepreneurship?

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"EdgeMakers has given me a new focus for my classroom. It's what our students are missing. The idea of schools being facto-ries of facts needs to go away, but not to give way to non-guided creativity without purpose."

- John Riddle, Teacher at Coulter Grove Intermediate School

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“Our students have grown and developed in amazing ways. They are presenting to each other, teachers, the administrative team, senior students. They have stepped up as creativity leaders on our school site. It's been really empowering.”

- Brooke Carey Ahrens, Notre Dame High School

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“I'm having a ton of fun facilitating our EdgeMakers curriculum. My students finally have a voice and are motivated to participate. Even students that arrive to class with an attitude end up participating and enjoying themselves.”

- Frank Gutierrez, Artesia High School 


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“ I found activities and resources that can be integrated in other courses and programs.”

- Eran De Silva, Notre Dame High School