Why be an Entrepreneur? - Epic Question


Course Flow


Type: Epic Question Duration: 5 minutes Grade Levels: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10

 Epic Question

Directions for Instructor:
The Epic Question for this lesson is: Why do people choose to become entrepreneurs?

Remember, it is suggested that Epic Questions be used as a writing activity as students enter class and get settled. The question can be written on the board for students to think and write about while they transition to their seats. Using the Epic Question in this manner also allows you to assess students’ progress throughout the course by later reading and commenting on their writing. 

If you plan to do this going forward, take the time now to indicate the correct space in the Student Field Guide to respond. Give students four minutes to write, and remind them of the expectations for upcoming classes. Following the time limit, engage students in a class discussion around the question. 

If time is limited, another option is to simply proceed to the class discussion. 

Have a student read out the Epic Question and ask students to share their responses.