Journal Prompts - Entrepreneurship


Course Flow


These journal prompts can be used to spark student reflection on the theme of entrepreneurship. Included are several prompts which can be used over the space of several lessons or within a series students can choose from. 

These journal prompts help students to reflect on the entrepreneurship process and the work entrepreneurs have to put into it. Students should use their creativity and storytelling skills to answer the prompts we provide. 

Type: Journal Duration: 50 minutes Grade Levels: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10

Understanding and practicing one's entrepreneurial skills is an important part of the innovative process. Keeping a journal or design log is an important way to do this. This individual practice of reflection and application of ideas is essential to becoming an innovative thinker. 

These journal prompts are organized according to the concepts of entrepreneurship. In addition to the reflection portion of the journaling, students will find the "Prototyping Lab" prompts. Those prompts are designed to spark their imagination as they work on their own startup and entrepreneurial ideas.