Notes on the Entrepreneur


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Without the individual who makes things happen, there can be no innovative result. So entrepreneurship is central to the EdgeMaking process. 

However, while important, entrepreneurship is difficult to define. 
The word is derived from a French root meaning “to undertake.” Entrepreneurship has been defined as “adventurism,” “adrenaline–addiction,” “risk–taking” and “thrill–seeking.” While colorful, such definitions frequently reflect personal assumptions and are often contradictory.

Type: White Paper Duration: 0 minutes Grade Levels: Adult Education, Staff

Perhaps we can understand the entrepreneur in terms of what they do. Certainly they are catalysts. They make things happen. They use creativity to conceive new models of what is and zeal to implement them. Thus, the entrepreneur is both a creator and an innovator; the process involves both originating ideas and generating value. He or she both generates the new idea and serves as the human vehicle by which implementation of that idea occurs. He or she takes the ball and runs with it, overcoming obstacles in the way.